Auto-Fill Plugin

Adding the Auto-Fill Plugin to your Formstack form will allow individuals to check a box to auto-fill another field on your form with data entered in the first field. A great example of where this is useful, is on a Form where you might be collecting a Shipping and Billing address.  The end user could enter their Shipping address and click the Auto-Fill option to automatically populate the Billing Address Fields with the same data.

To add the plugin go into your Form > Settings > Plugins and click the "Add" button next to the Auto-Fill Plugin (under the Utilities section). 

Once the Plugin has been added you will be taken to the Settings page where you can map your fields.  The "Checkbox label" field will be displayed as a checkbox on the final Form which the end user can check to auto-fill the data in the other fields.  This field can be renamed to suit your Form.

To map two fields together, you must first add these to the Form through the Builder tab.  Once this is done, you can map the "
Copy From" (original field) into the "To" field (where the data will be copied into).  If you would like to map multiple fields from the Form to be Auto-Filled, you can click the "Add Field" option to map another set of fields.

Below is what the Auto-Fill check box will look like on your form. When you click the auto-fill check box, the address entered in the Billing Address field will automatically populate the Shipping Address and Office Address fields with the same data.


Auto-Fill Groups

You can add multiple fields to the same auto-fill group setting which will all be auto-filled by checking the one check box. Alternatively, you can create separate auto-fill group options and this will allow for another set of auto-fill check boxes to appear on your form which will auto-fill a separate group of mapped fields.  To add another grouping of auto-fill fields, click the "Add Group" link.



On your form, you will see a separate auto-fill check box for each set of auto-fill groups.