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Note: We've updated our Wordpress plugin to v2. For more information, please review the documentation here.

To use the Formstack plug-in for Wordpress, download it like you would any other plug-in from Wordpress.org.  You can download the Wordpress plug-in here.  You may have noticed that you can embed your Form through the Wordpress Plugin as well as through the Form embed code.  The primary difference between the two options is that Wordpress tends to not accept embed codes unless it has been configured to do so. If you are unable to get the embed codes working for whatever reason, then you can opt for the Plugin option, as they are identical.  

The Wordpress plugin is compatible up to Version 4.8.4
.  Activate the Formstack plug-in and the Formstack widget on the Plug-ins tab of your blog.  Next, go to the Formstack Settings page of your blog, where you will paste in your API key.  If you don't have a Formstack API key, you can create one by logging into your Formstack account and clicking on Profile button in the top right > API.

Choose the permissions for your key and click Create Key.  A random API key will be generated in your account.


Cut and paste this over to the Formstack settings page of your blog and click Save Changes. Now you're ready to use your forms on your sidebar as a widget or on a Wordpress page or article!

Using the Plugin on a Page or Article


When editing a page, you will now see a Formstack icon in the editing tools.

To add a form to your page, click the Formstack icon and a dropdown menu will pop up. Choose a form to embed, then click "Insert Form".

The form's shortcode will then display in the following format: [Formstack id=1365658 viewkey=inidIz8s1tG].

This shortcode is made up of your form's ID and the view key which can be found in the Javascript Embed Script. The ID and viewkey can also be found in the Advanced > Form Forwarding box.

Using the Sidebar Widget

To use the Formstack plugin as a sidebar widget, click on "Appearance" in your Wordpress account > Widgets > then take the Formstack widget and drag it from the "Available Widgets" area to the sidebar area. Once it's there, a dropdown menu will allow you to choose a form from your account. Click "Save" to finish the process.

Note: We do not support embedding two forms on the same page when both are using the JavaScript Embed Script. If you need to embed two forms on the same page please use an iFrame for one form and a JavaScript Embed Script for the other.


You will need PHP 5.0 or higher to use the Formstack Wordpress plugin.  If you have issues with the plugin, you can always simply embed the forms in your page or post using the normal embed code, as shown here.

Version: 1.0.11
Requires: 2.8+
Compatible up to: 4.7.3

Last Updated: 2017-04-05

This plugin is only available for the self-hosted version of Wordpress (wordpress.org).