Event Fields

Event Fields allow you to organize and setup Events based on prices, available quantities and adjust the handling after the availability has been depleted.  An Event Description and Image can be added to customize the field and inform your submitters on the Event.

Adding an Event Field to the Form

Open your Form and navigate to the Builder tab.  Under the Form Fields column, click and drag the Event field to add it to the Form.  The field may be optionally set to 'Required' or 'Hidden'. You can then edit the Event title, upload an image and enter a description.  


Event pricing

When adding the Event field, you can choose to set the item at a "Fixed Amount" and then insert your flat rate unit price. You can also set the Event to "No Charge" if the item has no cost associated with it.


Available quantities

Events may be set with Unlimited quantities or choose the Limited Quantity option and enter the total number of available units.  When using limited quantities, you can establish how many units a Submitter will be able to select per submission.


Event handling options 

When your Event has filled to capacity, you can mark the Event as "Sold Out" and new submitters will see the item is no longer available.  You may also choose to hide this field on the Form once the items have sold out. Another option is to enable the "Show a waiting list option" which allows Users to be added to a waiting list against the Event.  When the Event has sold out, the field will be marked as Sold Out and Users will be given an option which they can check off to be added to a wait list.  These Submitters will have their data tagged as being added to the wait list so they are easy to detect when reviewing your Form Submission.

Additionally, you can deactivate the whole Form when the Event has sold out; this is done through the Form Settings tab > General > Deactivate Form settings.


Editing your Event field 

Once this field has been added to your Form, you can adjust the image, description, cost and available quantities at any time by clicking on the field in the Builder tab.  You can also add as many Events fields as you'd like to your Form for each item you are offering.  When using multiple Event fields, you can create a "Total" field to calculate and add up all Event field selections into a grand total field.  To see more on creating a Calculation, please click here.

Using Event Fields in Calculations and Payment Processors

Creating calculations with event fields can be a bit confusing, so here are a few pointers.

When you view your fields in the calculation dropdown list you'll see three "fields" associated with the event - the name of the event, the event-price, and the event-quantity. The name of the event is actually the price times the quantity, so you don't have to create a calculation that multiplies the event-price and event-quantity. Just choose the name of the event and let us do the math for you!

The price and quantity are separated into options so you can provide a ticket quantity count for free events.

It's a similar process for setting up a payment integration like Paypal Pro.

The price field can either be mapped to the "total" option, which will automatically multiply the price and quantity together (leave the quantity field un-mapped in this case)


the "unit price" and "quantity" can be mapped to their respective fields and the payment processor can handle the math. 

Note: Event Fields are a Version3 form feature. Click here for information on upgrading your Version2 form.