Formstack 101: Intro to the App

Questions Attendees:

Q: Could you mention again where the autofill feature is?
A: The auto-fill plugin which auto-fills between fields on your form is located under the Settings > Plugins tab. The social auto-fill feature can be found in the same area, but only on the Teams plan and up.

Q: On the Social Media Integrations, I only see Twitter available. Should Facebook be an option there?
A: The Facebook embed option is available only on the Manager plan and up and this option can be found under the Publish > Social Media tab.

Q: Can you upload questions you already have into a form and create the form with these fields?
A: If the questions exist in an HTML form, you can import the form in Formstack under the main Forms tab via the "Import Form" button in the top right corner. Otherwise, there is not another way to import fields or forms at this time. You will need to manually add the fields in the Builder and type (or carefully copy and paste) your questions.

Q: When I filter information and then export it to excel the filters do not seem to work. Why?
A: When you export data from your database
whether from the "All Submissions" report or a custom filtered report, it will always only export ALL submissions (unless of course you individually select submissions to export). If you need to export a specific report, the best workaround is to create a "Share Link" from that report - make sure to choose "Table & Charts" only. Then, access the report via the Share link and export the submissions.

Q: Is there a way to get a monthly report of submissions?
A: Unfortunately, there is not a way to trigger a monthly report automatically. You will need to go in and filter your submissions and export manually.

Q: If I have imported information into Formstack and I want somebody to add information to this form by sending the form back to them, can this be achieved?
A: At this time, it is not possible for an end-user (submitter) to "
upsert" or add any data to an existing submission via another form submission or any other method. You, as the account holder, can edit submissions at any time and if you want to get a little more serious, you can POST data to your database via API. Check out the API documentation here:

Q: What are "Unique Views"?
A: A view is counted when an individual accesses the form and at that time, we set a cookie in the
end-user's browser for that particular form. If the end-user accesses the form again and the cookie is there, we don't count it as another unique view. So, you may have 100 views by a specific individual, but as long as that cookie is there, that would only count as one unique view. That being said, clearing the browser cache would remove the cookie.

Q: What are "Field Bottlenecks"?
A: *Required* fields that are causing users to leave the form before submitting. In other words, the last field an end-user gets to before abandoning the form. This can only be tracked on required fields.

Q: What is the standard header size on a Theme?
A: 700px for a one column form; 800px for a two column form; 900px for a three column form; 1100px for a four column form.

Q: Is it possible to create a chart in the form that has fields able to be edited?
A: We do not currently have any chart building functionality within the builder. This might be able to be done, but it will require custom work on your end and we will not be able to support it.

Q: Do archived forms count against your total forms?
A: Yes. Total form count = Active + Archived Forms.

Q: If I want to reduce the spaces between the sections, can this be done?
A: Yes, this can be done, but it will require some custom CSS work. We do not provide this type of service, but we can refer you to a list of Developers who may be able to help if you do not currently have one in-house.

Q: Do you have any plan to allow for the ability to use our own domain vs using a Formstack subdomain?
A: Not directly from within Formstack, but you can embed the form on your own website and it will take on your branding and domain. The embed codes can be found under the Publish > Embed Form tab.

Q: Are there any tutorials available online?
A: Yes, and we are always adding new ones. You can view all of our Support Videos here: