Change in Notification Email Attachment Size

After some unpleasant times with our current email provider, we are moving to SendGrid. SendGrid specializes in transactional email and will be a great fit for our business and customers.

At this time there will be no changes needed on your end, however, with the move to SendGrid comes a few changes you should be aware of:

  • We will no longer provide our IP addresses for email. We will have multiple IP addresses to send on our behalf, but that will change based on your plan level to better minimize impact between accounts.
  • Attachment limits on Notification Emails will change. SendGrid has a lower allowance for email size versus Mandrill, therefore we will be dropping the maximum attachment limit on Notification Emails from 25MB to 14MB. SendGrid is actively looking to increase the cap limit, but until then, the in-app limit will move to 14MB. To clarify, this will have no impact on the data that can be submitted. This only pertains to attachments in Notification Emails.
  • We will offer a new feature that will allow you to use your own SMTP server. You can use a company like SendGrid, Mailgun, or even your own company's SMTP server. All you will need to do is provide us with your SMTP credentials in-app and we will send emails through your server. This is perfect for users that want to use their own domain instead of having emails that say 'On Behalf Of'.
  • If you choose to use our server and are still using a custom domain, it will always say 'On Behalf Of' in your emails. If this isn't something you want to see, you will need to use the above option. If you have previously whitelisted our email IP on your email servers, we would suggest you use your own SMTP server so that you will have full control of your process.

We are looking to roll out these changes in April, however, we do not have an exact date for the migration. Again, there will be no changes needed on your end. If you have previously whitelisted our IP address for email, you will be able to remove it at this time.

Follow our documentation to set up SMTP.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Support at