Act-On Integration

Act-On is a robust lead nurturing tool, but you might need some additional tools for your forms to bring out their fullest potential. Using Formstack in tandem with Act-On is a great way to improve your lead nurturing efforts. The Act-On Integration will pass Formstack submission data as a contact to your selected Act-On email list.

This integration is available for Gold plans and higher. For more information on our pricing plans, click here.

To get started, create a new form or open an existing one and go to Settings > Integrations > CRM or Email and select add next Act-On. While the integration is listed in both places, the integration will be the same. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to easily find the integration. Once the integration is added, click Settings by the integration or select Act-On on the left-hand side. 

Then, select to Log
in to Act-On and Authorize app. You will need to enter in your Act-On Email Address and Password. The Email Address used will need to have admin privileges.

After entering your credentials, you will be returned to Formstack to select the email list to pass the submission data.

Based on the list selected, the available fields will pull up. If you want the data to pass over to Act-On, select the needed field from the dropdown. You will have the option to send over a Field or a Value. The Value option will let you enter a Default Value or entering multiple fields by clicking on the field label below the content window.

The "Your email field" will need to be 
set to the Email Address field in the list or the field that will be holding the email address. For the field that is selected in this list, you will also need to make sure a Formstack field is set in this field as well.

For the Email Address field, it has the option to Upsert. By checking the box, it will update an existing contact if the Email Address matches. If no email address is recognized, a new contact will be created.

If you would like to receive an email if an error occurs on submissions, you can enter an email address under the Error Handling section at the bottom. If you want to add multiple emails, enter one per line.

For Confirmation Emails, the integration does not trigger emails that have been added in Act-On. However, you can set up Confirmation Email for the form submission by going to Settings > Emails & Redirects > Confirmation Emails

Once the list has been selected and the required fields mapped from Formstack to Act-On, turn the integration On and you will be all set. If you have any questions, please reach out to