Editing a Workflow

We've introduced a new way to make edits to an already published Workflow. You can now unpublish your Workflow form in order to make small changes. To edit your Workflow, click the "Make edits" link from the Build page of your form.

Unpublish to Edit the Workflow

When you get to the editing step, you're presented with the option to either "Unpublish" or "Make a Copy" of your form. Unpublishing your workflow will halt activity on your form so that you can make edits. If you need to make large scale changes to your form, we advise copying your form rather than unpublishing.

Unpublish your workflow if you:

• Want to make small copy changes
• Need to add a step at the end of the workflow
• Don't have a lot of submissions

On the next step, you'll be asked what you'd like to do with any current in-progress workflows. We advise marking all in-progress workflows as complete before continuing. This helps avoid having missing data for in-progress workflows if too much is altered on the form. We also conveniently export your submissions for you and make those available in the Submissions Tab. A download link is also emailed to your login address.

Once your workflow is unpublished, you're free to make edits. When you're finished, publish your workflow again form the Workflow Editor. You can recap how to publish a workflow.

Please Note
• If you edit or delete an existing field, previously collected data will be affected.
• If you move any "in-progress" submission to complete status, we do NOT force integrations to run in this scenario. You'll have to click into the individual submissions and force run any integrations.

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If you have any questions at all about Workflow Forms, reach out to support@formstack.com for more information.