Change in Notification Email Attachment Size

After some unpleasant times with our current email provider, we are moving to SendGrid. SendGrid specializes in transactional email, and will be a great fit for our business and customers. At this time there...

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Reminder: Update your Forms to Version3

This is a reminder for those with Version2 Forms that this may be a good time to upgrade to Version3. Updating is quick and easy and the Version3 platform offers styling updates and bug fixes which may prevent...

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Joomla feature changes

As we continue to develop, we will occasionally need to do a little App-up to make room for new and exciting features. That said, we have discontinued the Joomla extension as of April 15th. If you are curr...

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Updates in Account Handling

This is an important security update for all those using Shared Accounts. What are Shared Accounts? Generally speaking, just that -- A Username & Password that is shared with more than one person. Moving...

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