New Features

Introducing Portals Add-On

With Formstack’s new Portals add-on, it is much easier to share selected forms with a group and track individual form completion progress. You even have the option to set due dates and automatic email reminders...

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New Emails & Actions!

The Formstack team has been working hard lately to improve our app, and we are super excited to share some of the latest updates. If you’ve ever wished that all of your form submission tools (like emails and in...

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Form A/B Testing

​ ​ A/B testing is the statistical method of comparing two elements against each other to see which performs better. So, in terms of forms, this can involve testing one form layout and design against anothe...

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Single Sign-On (SSO) Autofill

Formstack offers a Single Sign-On (SSO) Autofill plugin that will allow your form submitters to populate fields on your forms with information from a selected SSO Provider! Note: This feature is only available...

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Single Sign On and LDAP Authentication

For Users on our Enterprise plans, Single Sign On and LDAP Authentication protocols can be enabled to provide Account owners the ability to allow access to their Formstack Account using an external authenticati...

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The Optimize Tab

You may have noticed a tab on your Formstack screen recently. What is the Optimize Tab, you ask? Great question. It’s your one-stop shop for Formstack’s suite of marketing tools all designed with one purpose...

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