Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to show or hide a field (or entire section) based on what the user selects for another field on a form. For example, you might have a field asking users How would you rate the service we offered? And if a user selects Poor, you might want to display an additional field for comments so the user can enter details on his or her experience.

Adding Logic to Your Field

To use Conditional Logic, click on a field within the form builder to edit it. This is the field you will show or hide based on choices made on previous fields.

You should see a button at the top of the editing area labeled "Logic." Click this button, and you will see a "Use Conditional Logic" button.

Start adding the filters to determine when to show or hide the current field. Select whether you want the field to be shown or hidden when certain options are chosen. Next, choose whether you want all the criteria below to match or just one or more to match before showing or hiding the field.

The field that has logic applied will display greyed out on the form telling you that the field has conditional logic applied to it.

Each of the rules you set up must be based on a Date/Time, Dropdown List, Checkbox, Number, Event, or Radio Button field. Select the field you want to view and its respective option. You can add or delete criteria by clicking on the plus and minus icons.

NOTE: As stated above, your form MUST contain a field with options or a Number field in order for you to use the Conditional Logic feature.

Conditional Logic for Sections

Just as you can use Conditional Logic for fields, you can also use this feature for entire sections on forms. This is perfect for long forms that may have multiple sections that all users do not need to fill out. You do not need to apply logic to every field inside of a section, just the section itself, because any logic applied to a section will also be applied to all fields within that section.

NOTE: On Multi-Page Forms, we do not recommend using logic on a section that is set to "Start a New Page." If the conditions are not met for this section to show, the entire page will be hidden, including other sections that would be on the same page. In this way succeeding fields and sections "inherit" the logic of the section starting the page. If the top section on a page must be hidden by logic, we recommend adding a blank section above it (with no logic applied to it) that will "Start a New Page" instead.

Removing Logic

Conditional Logic may be deleted or edited at any time. To access the logic to make changes, go into your form > click on the field carrying the logic > click the "Logic" button in the field settings overlay on the left > make your changes to the settings or delete the logic by clicking on the rule and then on the delete icon next to the logic line.

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