Submission Counter Discrepancies

Identified Issue
We are currently experiencing a system issue affecting the listed number of 'Read' and 'Total' Submission counts in the Form Dashboard view (below).  Please be assured that any submission counter discrepancies will not affect your actual Submissions or Data in any way. 

Workaround Options
As a first step, some Users have had success correcting these totals by clearing their browser cache and cookies.  Presumably, some old or outdated totals have been cached in the page therefore clearing this can reset and display an accurate listing.

At this time, some Forms may display an incorrect total of 'Read' and/or 'Total' Submissions from the Form Dashboard page.  To view the current and accurate submission counts, you will need to navigate to the Form > Submissions tab.  From this page there are two listings for Total Submission counts, the first is the upper-left corner, displayed as '0 of...'.  The second will be in the lower-right corner of the page as 'Showing ... out of ...'.  In both listings, the Total number of Read & Unread Submissions will be displayed.

To restrict this view to 'Read' and 'Unread' Submissions only, click the 'All Submissions' dropdown menu and choose your filtering option.  Once selected, the Submission counts on this page will adjust to reflect the total number of 'Read' or 'Unread' Submissions.

Corrective Action
Our Team is actively working to resolve the Submission counter discrepancies however we do not have a fix-ETA at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused from this and will continue to update this page as new information and fixes become available. In the meantime, please submit any questions or concerns to our Customer Support Team and we will respond as soon as possible.