Deprecated use of V1 APIs

Over the years we have continually deprecated support for V1 APIs but will do everything we can to make sure there is a smooth transition. In many cases, V1 APIs will no longer receive fixes as these are primarily centered around V2 APIs.  

This also means occasional releases may impact V1 APIs, however, we will not always know in advance the outcome of a release on a V1 API. While we do not actively make changes to these pieces of code, sometimes making code changes in other areas of the system can have inadvertent effects on these deprecated parts of the application.  

Some variations of V1 APIs may continue to operate, we are unable to fully support or guarantee full functionality. That said, our recommendation is to update any V1 code to the V2 API to prevent future problems.

You can create a V2 API key in your Formstack account by following the instructions below:
- Login as an Admin user
- Click My Account 
- Click API 
- Click "New Application"
- Fill out the required information
- Click "Create Application"

Additional information on our API documentation and support may be found in our Developer Center.