Creating Reports

The Submissions Report feature allows you to create specialized reports of your submitted data. You can design reports with a wide range of parameters including display submissions during a specified time range, contain certain data points, favorite submissions, read/unread, etc.

To create a new report, click on the Submissions tab on your form and click on the 'Create Custom Filter' button.

To configure your report add a name, and then start adding filters.You can then add up to five filters to search your data and display only those submissions you want to see in this report.

After you have created your report, the report will be listed in your report drop down menu. You can edit your report at any time by clicking the "Edit Filter" button.  If you'd like to see all of your results in a report (which makes it easily viewable via our Charts feature), click "Columns" and then "Check all Columns." 

Reporting on 'Favorites'

When creating filters for your favorited submissions, you will need to filter by 'Favorite' and choose Yes or No. When you want to see the submissions marked as favorite, use a Yes. When you want to see the submissions not marked as favorite, use No. This will work when using “is,” "isn't," “doesn’t contain,” and “contain.” Here is an example of filtering for all submissions marked as Favorite:

Important Notes:  

  • Encrypted data cannot be searched in the Report menu.

  • Reports are only visible to the user who creates them unless the user shares the report via the "Share URL."